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  • Time of issue:2020-09-30 10:12:57
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Shenyang Huayi Times Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with independent import and export rights, has been committed to the design and installation of physical and chemical laboratory and the sales and service of imported measuring physical and chemical detection equipment. The company has Finance Ministry, Domestic Sales Department,Marketing Department,Technical Service Department, International Trade Department, Office and Logistics Department.

Shenyang Huayi Times Technology Co., Ltd with technology innovation as the purpose of development, the technical staff of the company accounts for one-third of the employees, more than 60% of employees graduated from key universities, Instruments Times workers adhere to the entrepreneurial concept of "learn how to be a man before doing anything", from the company managers to ordinary staff are united, hardworking, realize the value of life with wisdom and sweat, create the enterprise development culture of "innovation, integrity, excellence" in the constant development; recognition of the market and long-term support and encouragement of the majority of the users are the motive power spurring the constant development of the company.

Shenyang Huayi Times Technology Co., Ltd is the internationally renowned brand Oxford Instruments, Instron, Japanese Horiba, UK LK, general agent of Northeast region. Shenyang Huayi Times Technology Co., Ltd is managed strictly according to the standards of multinational companies and has standardized after-sales service center and has an outstanding performance in the fields of direct reading spectrometer, portable direct reading spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, electronic universal tester, ONH analyzer, C, S analyzer, high precision CMM, etc., the customers are all over the country, involving in electricity, petrochemical, boiler and pressure vessels, military, aerospace, steel and metallurgy, casting, forging, automotive, universities, research institutes, government testing agency and other industries.

The company has made a huge contribution to the promotion of the field of science of physical and chemical testing by means of the strong support of the multinational corporations and their advantages in technology, personnel, region with the advanced technology, excellent management and unique cooperation products in years of cooperation with the international multinational corporations.

Shenyang Huayi Times Technology Co., Ltd will make friends all over the world with state-of-the-art technology, constant innovation, honest operation, high quality products, good service and reliable reputation, return to the society and meet the demands of the customers.

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