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Shenyang Instruments Times Technology Co., Ltd. with technology innovation as the purpose of development, the technical staff of the company accounts for one-third of the employees, more ...

Desktop direct reading spectrum analyzer
 FMS/FMO provides ideal solutions for metal production and processing industries


Portable/mobile spectrometer
 Strictly control the quality of metals and perform analysis in hard-to-reach locations


High-performance floor-standing metal analysis
 A new generation of direct reading spectrometer (OES): small size, high analytical performance


Fixed direct reading spectrometer
 Compact CCD optical system can analyze low content nitrogen

Desktop fluorescence spectrometer

 Hitachi Analysis X-Supreme8000 desktop fluorescence spectrometer can analyze oil, cosmetics, soil, wood, minerals, etc...

Desktop fluorescence spectrometer
 Benchtop XRF spectrometer provides reliable analysis for production control and laboratory testing


Ultra depth of field microscope
 Suitable for quality control/assurance, failure analysis, research and development or forensics

LIBS microstructure composition analysis

 Combining visual inspection and qualitative chemical inspection in one work step, compared with traditional SEM/EDS inspection, the time to determine microstructure components can be saved by 90%

Multifunctional ion thinner
 Ion thinning of inorganic flake samples, ion beam polishing and ion beam etching of inorganic bulk samples

Three ion beam cutter
 The ion beam obtained by excitation of the ion gun bombards the sample longitudinally perpendicular to the side

Ultra-thin microtome
 Can perform semi-thin and ultra-thin sectioning, provide sections for optical microscope, SEM, TEM and AFM

Lapping machine
 Especially suitable for fine positioning and cutting of small targets of samples




Scanning electron microscope
 Combines comprehensive imaging performance and environmental mode (ESEM), and is equipped with a full-featured EDX detector for powerful element analysis

Transmission electron microscope
 A new generation of TEM products dedicated to allowing users to quickly access 2D and 3D data, thus focusing on research findings

Double beam electron microscope
 Provide excellent two-dimensional and three-dimensional performance for many samples including magnetic materials. Scios' innovative functions can improve throughput, precision and ease of use, and are suitable for nanoscale research and analysis in the environment of colleges and scientific research institutes



Raman spectrometer
 It is suitable for microscopy and large sample measurement. It has 2D and 3D confocal imaging performance. The confocal microscopy optical path ensures fast and accurate acquisition of fine spectral images. Provides convenient analysis modules

 A tool for simple, fast, characterization and analysis of single-layer and multilayer films. Multi-functional design, flexible configuration, multi-angle measurement capability, can easily switch between online and offline configuration

RF Glow Discharge Spectrometer
 An ideal tool for ultra-fast coating analysis. It is very suitable for the analysis of conductor (and/or) non-conductor composite coatings. More than 70 elements can be analyzed




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